How do I cancel my subscription?

You have the option to pause your subscription for 1, 2 or 3 months. If you prefer this option, your plan will resume after the selected number of months. Please email us at with your request.
If you choose not to pause your subscription, you may cancel your subscription at any time through your unique account link provided when you subscribed, logging into your account here, by contacting us through our support desk, or by email at You will receive a confirmation email when your subscription is successfully canceled. Our customer service hours are Monday - Friday 9:30 to 5:30 EST. If you wish to cancel before your next billing date, the cancelation request must be received by customer support at least 1 full business day prior to billing. If your billing date falls over a weekend or holiday, the cancelation request must be received before 12:00pm EST on the previous business day. 
If you are unsure if your account has been cancelled or you are having any issues with canceling, please contact us and we will verify the status of your subscription. If you’ve already been billed for this month’s box, your cancelation will take effect in the next billing cycle. Canceling a subscription does not automatically give you a refund as canceling subscriptions only cancels future renewals and shipments. Failure to cancel a subscription before the next billing date will not be refunded. 
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